How When and Why Use Call Tracking Software?

Have you ever wondered how these business owners exactly know about your choices? Why do you sometimes get calls from your retailers? Why somehow you get in conversation with the recording calls?

Your calls are being recorded for understanding your point of view better in terms of product. This is called call tracking. And this is done by call tracking software. This soft where helps us in managing the calls from different regions and to record them. This helps us in obtains exact data which helps in raising our results exponentially.

If you want to learn how and when to use call tracking software, then read the article till the end.

Why use call tracking software?

If you want to know the analytics of your marketing strategies then the best way possible is to take the opinion of the customer, to whom you are going to sell the product. However, this call tracking software will help you in analyzing your business better. Now let’s discuss some points to understand why to use call tracking software?

Helps you to know better about the industrial trends – As we know that the one thing permanent in the world is change, and the marketing trends also change according to the passing time. So, you need to update your brand according to the upcoming trends. The best possible way to stay up to date about the trends is by getting feedback from your customers.


Develop a relationship between your brand and customer – Trusting someone unknown is difficult. That is why if you want to know your customer better and want them to trust you better is by talking to them. Value their response.


Helps in Marketing Analytics – When you look back at your sales result you may observe the up and downs in the graphs. This all is because sometimes the customers understand you properly and sometimes they don’t. this understanding level will help you to make the marketing analytics.


Gives baseline data of any survey – Suppose you did a survey, and it was about which quality of your product did your customer liked the most. Then you will focus on that quality next time.

How to use call tracking software?

After knowing why to use the call tracking software let us discuss how to use call tracking software?

Dynamically swapping phone number:  In this feature, your phone number gets swapped so that you can track the incoming source of the number and correlate it with the campaign.


Multi-channel attribution: Here, this application helps to track the user on multiple channels, like the various websites they are using, the courses they enrolled in, the last thing they did with that number.




While generating sales you must understand the basic desire and satisfaction level of your customers. The key to sell is to know your buyer properly and call tracking software helps to track every possible action they are taking. So, in the end, I hope this article helped you better understand the call tracking software properly. So, what are you waiting for go and download the call tracking software now.

Get The Best Sales Call Tracking Software for Your Business

If you are looking to target more customers and are struggling to reach your desired audience, there are a number of strategies you could incorporate in order to let your business grow and thrive. One such strategy is using a sales call tracking system for your business. It is a system which will store and track information about all incoming phone calls. It helps you to understand which segment of your customers are reaching out to you and what are their specific needs.

There are available different types of software which are designed to store, track and sort information related to all phone calls. These software help you to attribute calls to specific channels of marketing such as pay per call, SEO and different other offline and online campaigns.

How does a sales call tracking software work

The way these processes and software work for your business is very simple. They have systems which allow marketeers to assign unique numbers and web codes to offline and online campaigns for marketing. The information and responses from the caller database is recorded and tracked. They also interpret data from your CRM processes and assess them in relation to some key metrics such as leading number of call drives and top venues for conversion.

The tracking software can gather these types of information

  • The numbers from which calls are received
  • The location of the incoming calls
  • Type of marketing campaign which helped to generate those calls
  • The duration and time of the incoming calls
  • The total number of calls received

Problems which a sales call tracking software can solve

A sales call tracking software can be very beneficial for your business as we talked about earlier. Down below we list some more specific problems which this software may be useful in solving.

  • They can help you to determine which of your marketing campaigns and channels are driving your calls.
  • They can help you understand which of your keywords are generating calls.
  • They can help you to assess whether calls are coming from qualified leads or not. This can be essential in providing you strategies for the betterment of your campaigns.
  • They can help you identify various areas of improvement of your brand. You get a lot of vital insights and information as to how your brand or service is performing in the market.
  • Call tracking software also helps you to increase your total ROI.

Final thoughts

There are different types of sales call tracking software available in the market. When you are choosing the best one from them, you should keep in mind the requirements your business has. From services like extensive number coverage to integration with third party services, dynamic generation of numbers, call recordings and analytics, there are different services provided by each company along with their plan. It can be fairly easy to find the best one among them if you go through the reviews. A good sales call tracking software will enable your business to push forward and reach heights never experienced before.

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