Why The Need For Lead Filtering

We might have come across quite a few articles that refer to the dangers associated with lead poisoning. The problem with lead poisoning is that it does not happen overnight or it does not come to the notice of the people in a day or two. It builds its presence in the body over a period of time and the damages to the internal organs happen gradually and over a period of time. While lead could be damaging to the entire body, its impact is very badly felt on certain vital organs like the liver, kidney, and brain. Children, in particular, could be the victims of lead poisoning. While lead-based toys are often considered to be the victim, contaminated water is perhaps one of the major sources of lead poisoning. It could lead to muscle and joint pain, loss of appetite, fatigue and kidney damage. According to experts, zero levels of lead are considered to be the safest as far as drinking water is concerned. Hence, there is a need to find out ways and means by which one can keep the entire family free from the negative impact of lead poisoning. We are restricting ourselves to lead poisoning from the water.


Stick To The Action Level


There is no doubt that water filters are the best way by which you can keep the water free from lead poisoning. Hence, you must go by the USEPA standards and the same are accepted worldwide. According to this standard 15 micrograms per liter is the maximum permissible limit of lead in municipal water supplies. However, when the water is filtered again, the level of lead in the water could come down even further and reach zero if the quality of the water filter is of the best standards.


Take Care Of The Plumbing Works


It would also be pertinent to mention here that one of the biggest sources of lead poisoning is from the plumbing and piping networks. Even a few decades ago, lead and iron pipes were used to carry water from various originating sources to the homes and taps of the users. The taps were also made out of the lead and other such materials. This has been reduced now quite significantly even though some regions and areas continue to use this as a plumbing alternative. This should be stopped soonest possible. Piping and plumbing should be manufactured from polyurethane and other similar materials where the levels of lead and iron are almost zero. Hence, this is one of the most important factors that one should keep into account when choosing the right materials for plumbing.


Rusty Lead Pipe


Many homes have rusty lead pipes and these could have been built some decades back. Continuing with these rusted piping and plumbing systems is certainly a recipe for disaster. This is because the rusted particles are a rich source of harmful lead and it could cause a lot of damage to the entire body and it will happen over a period of time.


Therefore, when looking for clean drinking water, you must try and do away with lead as much as possible and try and keep it at zero level because of obvious reasons.

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