My Poor Katrina

Yesterday was a usual Eid day. Boring & lots of social duties. After I took mom for Eid’s dinner I decided to go somewhere to start studying for my exam to put myself in the mood. I called some friends and they were already in Starbucks.

I got there, ordered my coffee, went upstairs and started studying. After 15 minutes, a friend of mine came, we started chatting, and decided to go to the balcony have a cigarette as it’s a non smoking area inside. We went out there, watching cars & people pass by. We took ciggies out of our packs, did the ‘bride-groom’ lighters exchange thing. Took the first puff, “Yel3an abu il Jam3a ya zalameh” I said. My friend smiled, and as he was trying to answer me, we saw a BMW from the far lane doing 15 million Km/H. The car tried to change lanes, it slipped, hit the aisle( the pavement in the middle of the road, whatever they call it ), ran over a big Mupi, and crossed to the opposite lane, hit a car coming from the other direction( From blue fig to Abdoun Circle ). The car swirved and there were over 20 cars parked between blue fig and starbucks, what’s the natural choice? To hit my car 🙁 my poor Katrina got hit from behind( bala gafyeh ).

I was about to jump from the balcony when I saw the accident, but my friend reminded me that they have stairs, which serve the purpose of safely allowing you to travel between floors. I ran like forest gump, my baby was hurt, and there were people screaming. The accident was tragic, two other cars completely damaged. Petrol on the road, tons of smashed glass & motor parts.

Salamtek ya ummu 7asan ( Katrina ), thee most beautiful Honda Civic man invented.

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