Re-evaluating My Life

The other day in the quiz night, Adel (3adoola) asked me about my todo list which I totally forgot about. I can’t thank him enough for reminded me about a todo list which I wrote almost a year and a half ago.
The old list:
So, let’s take a look and see how things went:
I want to graduate from University, because I have been there for too long, soon, My mates will become my lecturers.
Improve my spanish & go to Cervantes( Spanish cultural Center )
My Spanish sucks now. I have to do something about it when I have time.
Go to Spain in Summer
Planned summer 2007
get a digital Cam
finish my website
Learn C
Didn’t have time for it. I still want to do this maybe after a year from now
Accomplish my secret open source project (PHP related, would take 2 years of work at least)
Shut down my current business and move on to the next big business I wanna start in no more than 3-4 years
Done. Hopefully I will announce my new venture sometime around mid-late January
retire by the age of 27 and start working on my crazy experemntal projects
Rescheduled to 30
Gain weight
Done, still need more though
Start playing basketball again.
Haven’t played any sport in such a long time
Visit every country in Europe.
I still need 10 years to do this, but I’m planning 3 new countries this year.
Go hiking again in Wadi Al mujib
Done, and also planning another hike next summer
Write a PHP book in 2 years
Almost there. What’s even equally important is that I finished a technical review for one amazing Linux book. I will be writing about this very soon.
Get certified, I only need a day or two to read the guide! I don’t have the time to do that.
No longer interested.
I’m quite satisfied with what I was able to acheive in 2005 & 2006. I managed to focus on what I really want to do. This list doesn’t sum 20% of the major acheivments in the past two years. I do know, just like any other human, that I could have acheived more. I will not stress myself, and blame myself for not acheiving more. I will learn from my mistakes and do things smarter in the future.

Future:Although it’s tempting to write a new list for 2007, I’m going to hold my horses for very simple reasons:
Most of my future goals revolve around work/business
Although I’m an open person, most of the goals are not for sharing due to confidentiality issues.
My two main areas of interest have almost stayed the same
Improving my technical skills (especially software architecture)
Managing IT the right way (I beleive people don’t understand IT, the apply classical management to something that is not classical. I’m learning/researching alot about this issue)

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