On Web Design

Currently I’m reading a very interesting Information Architecture book called “Information Architecture: Blueprints for the Web”.
The first chapter starts with a sentence that exactly explains how I’ve always felt about an idea that I’ve always argued with friends( designers ).

“Design is an old craft; digital is a new medium”

This is what many designers who design for the web need to understand. Web Design is way beyond Thinkin outside the box, or being a creative psycho artist. You need to understand the science of web design, you need to be very familiar with the technology before you call yourself a web designer. A utopian web designer would be a designer who can think of elements( I like to call them widgets ) that can be represented natively in the target technology( HTML, CSS, JS ).

Although I want to write more, but I beleive blog entries longer than two paragraphs get ignored… and my writing skills suck.

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