Dima’s First Post

Ammar: Good Morning, I submitted a paper regarding so & so last week, I need to know if everything is OK.
Math Dept Secretary: I’ve told you yesterday that we sent the paper to the sciences faculty deanship, go check there
Ammar: But I’ve checked and they told me they didn’t get it yet. What I’m I supposed to do!
MDS: Here, see the record, here’s a photocopy of your paper, date and time when we sent it.
Ammar( Getting Angry ): You sent it yesterday at 3:30, when I checked yesterday at 1 you told me you’ve already sent it.
MDS( About to shoot me ): Are you an invistigator? I thought you were a student
So I go to the deanship to check, Dr H is the Dean’s Assistant( Big Shit )

Ammar: I cam yest. bla bla bla
Dr H: I said I didn’t receive it
Ammar: But they’ve sent it to you yesterday, and I’ve seen the record, is there a blackhole on the way? Or maybe someone kidnapped the guy who delivers these papers?
Dr H( About to call security): I told you a million times I didn’t get it, I’ve only received a paper today which is not yours, go check with Mr A.

Ammar: bla bla bla….
Mr A(Opens his records book, and looks carefully for my name): Sorry my friend I didn’t get it, go check with Dr H. he’s a bit crazy, double check with him.
Ammar: Thanks

Back to Dr H., I think this guy smokes up, he’s soooo numb, always smilin, fate7 tommo o rakhy ….. all the time

Ammar: I went to Mr A’s office and checked, he said it must be here
Dr H. I checked, go away
Ammar: But not before I know where it is
Dr H. Go check with my secretary

Ammar: bla bla bla paper….
Sec. : ok let me check with the math dept first ( she makes 5 phone calls very effecticely and in less than 5 minutes she gets back to me ) It must be in Dr H’s Office
Ammar: But I’ve checked with him at least 2 times yest. and 5 times today! Another time and I’d die
Sec.: Oh don’t worry then, I’ll go check it for you
Ammar( What a sweet woman ): I dunnu how to thank you

So she goes into his office, and comes back with a paper in her hand.

Sec.: Here it is!
Ammar.: Where WAS IT!
Sec.: in his drawer
Ammar: Is killing someone allowed today?
Sec.( smiles ): It’s ok, just wait for 5 mins, and i’ll fix everything with the paper

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