Things You Need To Know About Lawn Care

Now that you have created your lawn after choosing the right kind of soil and grass, it’s time for you to know the ways to keep it clean and green. Be sure to follow these simple tips for maintaining your lawn and to avoid weed that may overspread your lawn. Below we will discuss the major components that are essential for lawn maintenance in Oklahoma City OK.

Proper Watering: This is a very simple task and the rule is to water your lawn heavily rather than lightly. If you don’t water sufficiently then the water will not go down deep into the soil and the grass won’t look good. Water should get soaked by 15 cm to 20 cm deep so that roots can grow much deeper into the ground. Start watering as soon as the grass gets dry. The ideal time for watering is in the morning because it will not evaporate as at noon and that will keep the lawn in cool condition.

Mowing The Lawn: It is an essential part of lawn maintenance. Mowing should be done frequently when the grass is growing rapidly. Be advised, not to cut more than one-third of the grass plant because that will lose the photosynthesis ability of the plant. When the blades of grass were cut, it had to grow new leaves for absorbing sunlight. As a result, your lawn will be thicker and heavier.

Need For Fertilizing: Soil provides nutrients to the plant and hence the soil needs fertilizing. If the lawn is mowed on a regular basis the grass becomes weaker and so it needs nutrients for growing fast. It will be better if you use granular fertilizer twice a year rather than using spray fertilizer. Granular fertilizer will release essential nutrients spread over several months while spray fertilizer will directly act on the leaves. Natural fertilizers like manure can also be added.

Aerating The Soil: When the soil will lose its quality from factors like mowing and people walking on it over a period of time, it becomes necessary to aerate the soil to keep the lawn healthy.

Importance Of Dethatching: In a lawn thatch compounds used to collect in the base of the plant. Thatch is made up of crowns or culms that died naturally. Excess amount of thatch can keep away air and water from reaching the roots of the grass. Make use of a power dethatcher and get rid of this situation.

Removal Of Weeds: If you observe too many weeds on your lawn, be sure that you have weak grass. Weeds can also grow in a healthy lawn. There is nothing to worry about because many lawns have weeds and they do no harm. Pull up weeds if they attract you or spray them if they are in large numbers.

Pest Control: Although pests cannot damage your grass as they take shelter in them but for a prolonged time bugs can destroy a part of your grass. Use any insecticides that will kill harmful insects. On the other hand, you certainly want ants and spiders in your lawn as they feed on the lawn pests.

In conclusion

So that was all about OKC lawn care basics that you should know. Make proper use of all the above-mentioned things and you will find your grass growing healthy and has a mesmerizing look.

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Difference Between Luxury And Regular Apartments

So, you have decided that you should move to a new apartment on rent. You spend some time on the internet or go through some newspapers and are impressed with the dozens of advertisements that talk about luxury apartments in OKC. It is quite natural that you would be tempted to look for those luxury apartments. While there is nothing wrong with aspiring to stay in a luxury apartment, it would be better for you to have a reasonably clear understanding between luxury and regular apartments. This is important because quite often many landlords and even real estate agents try and push in a regular apartment as a luxury one. Hence, you must be alert and informed. We are happy to share some useful and pertinent information about the basic differences between luxury and regular apartments so that adequate information and knowledge is available to them.

Costs Are A Big Differentiator

Yes, the apartments for rent in Nichols Hills OK would be almost 60 to 70% higher when compared to regular apartments. In some cases, it could be three times that of a regular apartment depending upon the size, location, features, lifestyle facilities and other such attributes. Therefore, before going in for such luxury apartments the cost factors should always be borne in mind.

Facilities And Amenities

Yes, there will be big difference facilities and amenities between luxury apartments and regular apartments. You can certainly expect much better amenities in the form of swimming pools, concierge services, the best of gated community security features, facilities for guests to stay and much more. Yes, they also will offer a better quality of parks, entertainment avenues, and other such infrastructures.


Location is a big factor that differentiates between a luxury apartment and a regular one. Most luxury apartments are located in the prime areas of the city or town and they are very close to all transport facilities and other conveniences. They also offer a much better quality of life because of the green and calm surroundings in which they are located. This will be a great boon to those who wish to enjoy their evenings in a pollution-free and calm environment after a hard days’ work.

Better Security Systems And Facilities

We also should understand that a good luxury apartment will have the best of security facilities and systems. They will have CCTV facilities, security guards round the locks, emergency medical facilities and some residential apartment complexes also have hospitals for treating emergencies and other such eventualities.

Better Social Standing

This is perhaps a big and invisible intangible benefit when you decide to go in for a luxury apartment on hire. Compared to regular apartments, you can expect people to be more economically and financially advanced. They would have the good things that money can buy and therefore it could also goad you to do what it takes to match them financially and socially. It could be a good motivating factor for you to look beyond the ordinary and become a more successful and ambitious person.

The Final Word

To sum up, there are both good things and not-so-good things about luxury apartments and also regular apartments. You have to do your research and then decide as to which the best option is keeping your requirements and constraints in mind.

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Types of Bone Marrow Transplant

If you are keen on knowing more about bone marrow transplant procedures and types, then you are in the right place. We will talk about bone marrow transplant in brief and also look at the types of bone marrow transplant. This will certainly give the required information to the readers and help them to take a decision based on facts and truths rather than being driven by opinions and hearsays. To begin with let us have a brief idea about bone marrow and what function does it have. Bone marrow is a spongy and soft tissue that stays in the hollow of our bones. It is the powerhouse where red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and other such blood related things are produced. When the bone marrow is damaged or destroyed completely, it leads to a situation where there is complete stoppage of production of RBC, WBC and platelets. In some cases, the production is highly inadequate. This is because the bone marrow match registry might have been damaged by certain types of blood cancers, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy and few others.

Major types of BMT

There are basically two major types of bone marrow transplants or BMT. The doctors will decide on the type of transplant that a patient will require.

Autologous transplants:  The autologous transplant is a process where the stem cells of the patients are used for transplantation. It is a process where the cells from the patients are harvested before the beginning of a therapy that could be damaging. These treatments could include radiation or chemotherapy. Once the treatment is done, the same cells are returned to the body. This prevents the precious stem cells from getting damaged during such harsh treatments.

Allogenic transplants: This is a treatment where the stem cells of donors are used. The donor should be a close relative and there should be genetic match. A compatible relative could be the best choice. However, genetic matches can also be found from donor registries. This transplant method is the best option when the bone marrow cells have been damaged beyond repair. But this comes with a higher risk of complications and infections and this include GVHD. The patients may have to be put on mediations that will suppress the immune system so that the new cells are not attacked by the body. This can make you susceptible to infection and illness. The success of this treatment would depend on how perfectly the donor cells can match that of yours.

It Takes Time

There are many tests that should be done before the doctors are able to identify the type of bone marrow that your body will be able to accept. The whole process of transplantation could take around a week or even more. You must have the right hospital where this can be done. The insurance coverage and other such preparations must be complete. Children and pets should be taken care of and you must be ready to be off from work on medical grounds during the transplantation period. As it is quite obvious that your immune system would be weakened, you must insist that you should be put in a quarantined ward so that the risk of infection is reduced as much as possible

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