Guess Who Graduated

Known as the dinasour to his UJ colleagues, actually some insisted to replace Science’s square dinasour with his statue, the 23 year old finaly graduated and got his BSc. After 6 years of suffering mainly from teachers & the system.
But wait, damn it doesn’t feel like it’s over, Asfour told him nothing feels like it( It took Asfour also 7 years to graduate ). But he swears, something is missing, maybe because he spent so many years in that freakin uni, and never really cared about it? But he’s glad the burden is over.

He had to pass 126 credit hours, but the records say he took 195 hours. Some stats through the journey.

F’s in the 6 years: 16( 48 hours )
A’s in the 6 years: 9( 8 of them in the first two years )

Number of semesters with semester average of Zero: 3

Average of all semesters during the first 2 years didn’t go below 3.33
Average of all semesters after 2nd year was below 2.8

GPA after 2nd Year: 3.6
Total GPA: 2.89