Beauty of a Woman

The true beauty of creation; creating services, creating games or writing something is to see how people use/react to that. No matter how hard you try to imagine, some people just surprise you. Did the person who invented the car predict that it’s backseats are used the way they are used now?

I just found a hilarious comment, although intended to be very serious by its author, on the previous entry( 3amleh Diet ).

“The only thing shallow is you and your comments on Ammani girls.
There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good, just because a woman
likes to look good, it doesn’t make her shallow or want to marry rich
men only.

This whole blog is an insult to women who have had to fight for their
freedom, liberalization and right to vote. Even after so many obstacles
we passed, we still have to defend our intelligence in the face of a
shallow blog.”

The sentence in bold face just made me roll on the floor laughin’. I just felt how writers get misunderstood and they’d just slap their forehead with their palms saying: What the Fu**?

Here I am, Ammar, who likes to insult women who fought for their ‘freedom’, burries a baby if its a girl and denies women right to vote.

Mom is Funny

Mom called me a minute ago

Mom: Where Are you?
Ammar: At Work.
Mom: Just wanted to tell you be carefull, don’t go to Places( haik wella haik ). meaning don’t go to possibly targted places by terrorist groups!
Ammar( laughs ): OK, I won’t
Mom: And oh by the way, don’t eat chicken